When modern and traditional architecture are thoughtfully combined, the results can be dazzling. That is exactly what you will find when you visit Richter Tavern: a revolutionary vision brought to life through the marriage of high design and a building’s deep historic roots.

Richter Tavern is the gathering place that quintessentially encapsulates Boerne’s culture. Served alongside Chef Bill’s American-inspired cuisine, this stylishly refurbished setting is quickly becoming one of Boerne’s most iconic and notable historical renovations.

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Executive Head Chef

Chef Bill McGrory began his culinary career in 1993 amid his time spent serving in the US Coast Guard. While the salty sea air appealed to him, his eyes were set on more adventurous endeavors.

Upon moving to New York City in 1999, his talents were quickly noticed; he was initially hired as a line cook at three James Beard Award-winning restaurants (Fiamma, Craft Restaurant, CraftBar, and Mesa Grill).

Ever the wanderer at heart, he followed his growing passion for food to Chicago, where he was recruited as sous chef at yet another James Beard Award-winning restaurant, Spring Restaurant and Customhouse Tavern.

Chef McGrory relocated to Austin in 2007 and became the opening chef at Taste Select Wines. Unsurprisingly, he fell in love with Texas.

Now proudly serving as Richter Tavern’s Executive Head Chef, Bill specializes in bringing new and exciting flavors to the city of Boerne with a focus on introducing New American cuisine to his ever-evolving menu!


Front of the House Manager

A 1992 graduate of the prestigious Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Francisco “Frank” Ramirez Jr. has taken a unique, adventure-filled journey that has afforded him a deep, well-rounded view of the restaurant industry.

Having served as Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Manager, as well as a head banquet chef, Frank’s wealth of opportunities have allowed him to understand all aspects of the culinary field.

“A truly successful operation needs a cohesive front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house team in order to provide guests with the best culinary experience and an inviting atmosphere. We at Richter Tavern have something for everyone.”

Frank is passionate about satisfying customers with the highest standards of excellence. His proven ability to build competent staff and create a family of like-minded professionals compliments Richter’s mission to offer an environment where customers, employees, and vendors prefer to be.

“I have had the pleasure of being part of the Richter Family from the very beginning. I am incredibly proud of the dynamic environment we have created; there’s no place I’d rather be.”


Beverage Director

Mike Rogers is an acclaimed bartender and mixologist serving as Richter Tavern’s Beverage Director. He is responsible for the creation of Richter’s world-class cocktails, spirits, and beer programs.

Originally from the accounting world, Mike felt like his career was missing something. He was never satisfied just with crunching numbers.

Upon realizing the restaurant and hospitality industry was where his heart belonged, he trained to become a professional bartender at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From Las Vegas to San Antonio, Mike is well-known for his invaluable role in the launch of several high-end establishments from Paramour to Bohanan’s and more, eager to evolve the bar culture of San Antonio.

“My dream is to see the people of Boerne enjoy a high-end experience without having to drive to San Antonio. Though it’s been widely overlooked, I’m excited that we have captured that experience here at Richter.”

Work With Us

At Richter Tavern we are here to create and maintain an environment that assures a safe,
engaging and authentic experience where customers, employees, and vendors prefer to be.